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Dog lost in deadly fire found after one year, other family claims he's theirs

Dog lost in deadly fire found after one year, other family claims he's theirs
Dog lost in deadly fire found after one year, other family claims he's theirs
Lost & Found Pets WA State / Facebook

A woman who was devastated over the loss of her dog during a deadly fire more than one year ago states that her dog has finally returned - but another family claims it's their dog. On Thursday, Aug. 21, KOMO 4 News reported that one dog is caught between two families who both claim that he's theirs.

The Biddle Family in East Wenatchee, Washington, claims that the dog is named Buddy and belongs to them, while Roxanne Kendrick, also of East Wenatchee, claims that the dog is Apollo, her beloved dog who was lost more than 54 weeks ago in a house fire. The dog was taken recently to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society after someone thought that he was missing. Kendrick saw the dog there and recognized him as her long lost dog, Apollo.

Kendrick happily wrote on the Facebook page Lost & Found Pets Wa State: "On July 27, 2013 our home in Malaga, Washington was burnt to the ground. We lost almost everything in the fire...We had 3 dogs, one was at a neighbors' and they drove him to safety, we found the remains of one in a culvert, he had succumbed to the smoke, and we could not find a single sign of Apollo.

"We talked with all the firefighters, emergency personnel and everyone out there hoping to find some sign of him. No luck...Then I received an email from another lost pet site saying that they had received a response to my posting and the person thought they may have Apollo.

"...he is now home safe and sound...54 weeks and I have him back. Words cannot describe how happy I am."

Kendrick spoke to Seattle Pets Examiner on Aug. 15, before questions of the dog's ownership arose. She stated: "I would be interested in sharing my story to help others keep the faith."

Despite Kendrick's recognition of her missing dog, the Wenatchee Shelter now wants her to return the dog to the Biddles - and they're going to serve her with a formal letter. According to Trudy Biddle, the dog in question is Buddy, who has been a long-term member of her family.

"For 14 years, he's been a member of our family. And we want him back. We simply want him back, to have his remaining years with us," Trudy Biddle stated.

The Biddles have adoption papers, microchip information, and photos to substantiate their claim that the dog is their dog, Buddy - and they're sure that this is their dog. Kendrick is equally confident that the dog is her family member, Apollo.

Biddle stated that when Buddy went missing, they contacted the shelter, but believed that no one had brought the dog in. The family concluded that Buddy had been killed by a cougar that was seen nearby - and they saw bones in a field, as well.

There are multiple resources for those who are missing a pet in Washington State, including the Facebook pages Lost & Found Pets Wa State and Help FIND Nahla. The Missing Pet Partnership and Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue also provide assistance for missing pets.

It is unclear at this time who the missing dog belongs to. Seattle Pets Examiner will provide updates to this story as they occur.

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