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Dog left in trailer with puppy for two weeks after owner's arrest

Pitter Patter and Mocha
Pitter Patter and Mocha
Carroll County Animal Shelter

A sweet-natured, nurturing pit bull named "Mocha," was left alone inside of a trailer in rural Kentucky with one of her puppies after her owner was arrested and taken away. Nobody was notified about the dogs presence inside of the residence for a span of two weeks.

Rescue or adopter needed
Carroll County Animal Shelter

Mocha's puppy, "Pitter Patter," who at 16-weeks of age is well beyond the age of relying on his mother for nourishment, began to nurse from his mother just to survive. Today, Mocha and Pitter Patter are no longer surviving without care in the trailer, but they are both still in need of help.

After being rescued from the trailer, the pair was taken to the Carroll County Animal Shelter in Carrollton, Ky. Mocha is no stranger to the small, rural facility - she was impounded there last year.

The facility's adoption coordinator, Kim Brown, has provided the following information about Mocha:

"Mocha is a returning resident. She was here last year with 3 pups. Mocha was reclaimed but her pups were unwanted. They went immediately to SAAP and went to wonderful homes. Mocha and her pup, Pitter Patter, were surrendered due to owners being incarcerated for running a meth lab and were left behind for almost 2 weeks before we were notified.

Mocha has a wonderful personality, best described as an old soul. She is very motherly and nurturing. She is dog friendly and cats unknown. When we visit her and let her run, she goes by every kennel to check on each dog.

She is very obedient and doesn't stray far from her handler. Pitter Patter has her same personality. Last year we had 8 pits for the year. Only 2 made it out, Mocha being one of them.

Mocha beat the odds before, but she is in need of help if she is going to do it again - she and her puppy could use the help of strangers who are willing to take a moment to network on their behalf.

Anyone who has a question or who would like to learn more about adopting one of these wonderful dogs is asked to email; serious inquiries only please.

Facebook thread for Mocha here.

Facebook thread for Pitter Patter here.

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