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Dog left paralyzed after possible attack in family's yard

Family photo

Late last week, a Leedy, Okla., family's beloved dog suffered some type of trauma that has left her unable to walk, reported Friday's KOCO News.

The pit bull mix, named "Lucky," was alone in her yard when someone, or something left her in shock and unable to move. Her guardian, Penny Chadrick, was away for a couple of hours - in the midst of a move - when Lucky was injured.

When she returned home, Lucky was still in the yard, but obviously suffering. Chadrick stated:

“I was just scared,"

"I think I was in shock at first too, because I’ve never seen her like that before and, you know, my first thought was, 'We need to get her somewhere.’”

The injured dog was rushed to Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City where veterinarians determined that she had likely suffered some type of force trauma - exactly what had happened to her is a mystery.

Chadrick told the National Dog News Examiner that initially Lucky's legs were swollen, there were abrasions on her stomach and she had a hole in her lip - it almost appeared that she had been hit by a car, but there was no evidence in the yard that indicated that being hit by a vehicle was a possibility.

Today, Lucky is still unable to move her legs, but she is receiving laser treatments to help her regain feeling. On Thursday, she will receive her third laser treatment and with each session, there are indicators that give hope that Lucky is making progress and beginning to regain some feeling in her paralyzed limbs.

In the meantime, the veterinary bills to help Lucky recover continue to climb. The family has even put up an ad on Craigslist offering to work to help raise funds for her care, or to sell off some of their personal items; they just want their dog to get better.

Anyone who is interested in helping with Lucky's veterinary expenses can send (or call in) a donation to one of her veterinary clinics; information follows:

Elk Creek Animal Hospital (Dr. Noble), 1301 Airport Industrial Elk City, OK 73644‎, (580) 225-4863

Or Red Earth Animal Hospital, 3503 S Highway 6, Elk City, Oklahoma 73644, (580) 225-7575

Note: Please reference "Lucky" under Penny Chadrick when/if making a donation.

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