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Dog left chained outdoors found frozen 'solid' the next morning

Dog freezes to death outside
Dog freezes to death outside

An owner is facing criminal charges after a dog was found frozen to death in Longview, Texas, reported Tuesday's publication of the Longview News-Journal.

Despite frigid temperatures which were well below freezing, the owner of a dog on the 2400 block of Thirteenth Street decided to leave their dog outside, on a chain, without any form of shelter.

Kristie Brian, a police spokeswoman, described the dog as "frozen solid.”

The individual responsible for the dog's cruel demise has not yet been named. When and if the person is convicted of the misdemeanor animal cruelty charge, he or she could face up to a year in jail.

As the so-called "Polar Vortex" impacts a huge portion of the nation, officials are urging pet owners to bring their companions indoors to protect them from the harsh elements, and issuing reminders that despite having fur coat, dogs can still suffer deadly consequences from the cold.

Dogs who are forced to remain outdoors should be provided with adequate shelter and bedding to help protect them from the subzero temperatures and water must be checked frequently as it will quickly freeze.

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