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Dog left at shelter with heartbreaking note to reunite with family

Dog left at shelter with heartbreaking note to reunite with family
Courtney Nash/Flickr

According to a Facebook post from the dog rescue group Leave No Paws Behind made on March 13, an elderly couple who left their 13-year-old dachshund on the doorstep of a shelter asking for him to be put to sleep have been found, and will be reunited with their beloved dog.

Otto the dachshund caught the attention of the world when his story broke. His owners left him at a shelter, in a basket, with a note explaining that he was sick, and that they couldn't afford his treatment. The heartbreaking letter that was full of emotion concluded by saying: “He has never been away from us in all those years, he cannot function without us, please put him to sleep.”

See a photo of Otto

Leave No Paws Behind learned of little Otto's story and imminently took action to save his life. Reports indicate that Otto has a skin condition and several other medical conditions that will require treatment, and the fine folks at Leave No Paws Behind have agree to cover all those expenses.

After learning that Otto could be saved, Leave No Paws Behind reached out to locate Otto's family so they could be reunited. Officials said it was clear he was loved and that his owners didn't feel they had any other options. They believed it was important to do all they could to let Otto spend his remaining years with his family.

On Thursday, Leave No Paws Behind announced that they found Otto's family, and that he will return home later this month.

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