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Dog, labeled as 'aggressive' goes from death row to dream life

Second chances
Second chances
Contributed photo

Several months ago, a beautiful, albeit neglected, Chow Chow was handed a death sentence when she was labeled as aggressive at a Texas animal control facility which is known for not giving her particular breed much chance of being adopted.

Sad and defeated at animal control
Contributed/Patty Turner

The five-year-old dog, dubbed "Lady," managed to escape the deadly hand which she had been dealt when a woman named Amelia agreed to foster her. Unbeknownst to the new foster, Lady was pregnant - with the foster offer, several lives were saved.

With the help of the Houston Chow Chow Connection, Amelia agreed to take on the homeless dog, despite the dire label which she had been given.

Lady had a laundry list of maladies including being blind in one eye from worms, heart worm positive, underweight and worn out from too many prior pregnancies. Despite her poor state of health, Lady has never shown one ounce of the aggression which she supposedly had displayed at some point in her past.

Under Amelia's tender care, Lady delivered her beautiful puppies, who have since found homes, and she has blossomed into a happy dog who is learning what it means to be loved and cherished.

Amelia summarized the amazing experience and she has a special request for others who might need a bit of a nudge to help out in a similar fashion:

Lady is such a blessing to me... a MOM to her babies beyond all anyone could expect... she was an abandoned, neglected shelter dog.

A Chow "aggressive" ... in a city where most Chows were killed... Crossposters/Networkers, Volunteers and a Priceless rescue Houston Chow Chow Connection saved her... and unknowingly saved 5 souls in her womb, regardless what a dog is listed as YOU can change it... and save a life or many lives....... FOSTER.

Begging you... Open your home and heart.... FOSTER.... there is nothing more rewarding!

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