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Dog kept in car for days creates controversy - animal control says it is 'okay'

Abandoned car used for dog's shelter
Abandoned car used for dog's shelter
Via KREM 2 News

A pit bull who is being forced to live inside of a car in Spokane, Wash., has many people upset, but the local animal control agency has determined that it is okay, reported Sunday's KREM 2 News.

Residents in the Hillyard neighborhood reached out to to the local news station after observing the dog inside of the parked car for over a week; a witness stated that the dog did not have access to fresh air because the windows are not even cracked on the car.

Sheila Neagle told KREM 2 News:

I can't sleep at night because I keep thinking about that poor dog in that car you know,”


"He's tearing the inside of the car up because he wants out. No animal should have to live like that. In a car. That's horrible,”

But the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS), believes that the car, which neighbors have stated is abandoned, is adequate shelter - going so far as to state that it is "great shelter."

The dog has an owner - neighbors indicated that the man was evicted from his trailer awhile back and has not been seen since and they noted that they are the ones who have been giving the dog food and water.

SCRAPS officials have been in contact with the dog's owner - that person will now have to decide if they want the dog back because the neighbors who were caring for him decided over the weekend to take him to the county shelter, rather than making him remain inside of the car.

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