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Dog jumps out of owner's truck and is shot by responding police officer

Dog shot in parking lot
Screen shot via Fox News

According to Wednesday's publication of Lancaster Online, a loose dog, described by onlookers as "confused," was shot and killed by a Lancaster, Pa., police officer on Wednesday afternoon.

The dog, described as a white pit bull, jumped out of the back of a man's truck which had been parked in a downtown parking lot. The dog ran up to a man who had just exited his SUV with his dog - according to witnesses, the pit bull ran towards the pair, but did not attack.

The man who was approached by the pit bull put his own dog back inside of a kennel which was inside of the SUV, and while the hatch was still open, the loose dog jumped in; the man described what the dog did next:

Not necessarily at (my dog), just jumped in the car — but if you tried to get close to him he'd growl. But I think by this time the dog is really confused,"

Efforts were made to coax the dog out of the SUV, but he would jump out, growl and then jump back in. Witnesses noted that he seemed to want to get back into his owner's truck. Randy Schamber explained to Lancaster Online:

He couldn't get back in his own truck but it seemed like he wanted to,"

"He would keep walking over and looking up. Then he'd go over and jump in the back of the other car again."

The police were called when the people who were attempting to capture the dog failed to get him out of the SUV and secured.

When the officers arrived, the dog was still inside of the man's SUV - an employee in an area business described what she saw:

He's not scowling or growling but this one cop has a rifle and he's threatening to shoot that white dog next to (the resident's) dog in the back of the car,"

The SUV owner tried to block the police from firing and they ended up handcuffing him when he refused to move away. A short time later, after failing to "subdue" the dog with a taser, an officer opened fire and killed the dog. The man who had attempted to block the officers' efforts was later released.

The deceased dog's owner finally returned to his vehicle after the shooting; he is not expected to face any charges.

According to PennLive, a rally is planned at the police department on Thursday afternoon to protest the killing of the dog.

The incident is under review to see if the officer, who remains unidentified, followed proper police procedure.

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