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Dog is winner of most unusual pet insurance claim

Ellie the dog who ate a bee hive.
Ellie the dog who ate a bee hive.Photo from

Dog in California is winner of most unusual pet insurance claim.  What did it take to gain that distinction?  How about eating a bee hive, with bees, dead exterminated bees.  Ellie, a yellow Labrador retriever is now completed healed after his concerned humans, Robert and Sandra Coe, brought him in for proper veterinarian care.  They had no idea that he'd win the Hambone award for most unusual pet insurance claim.

The competition for the award came from Darci, an Illinois terrier that bit a chainsaw.  She is fully recovered, but has to live with the embarrassment of loosing the top prize.  A one-year old border collie named  Aubrey was nominated for running through a closed window trying to get to a mailman.  The window won that battle.  You can read about additional contestants at the Veterinarian Pet Insurance site.

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