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Dog injured by slingshot for being in the wrong yard in Hatfield

Example of a sling shot.
Example of a sling shot.
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A family's dog has suffered a hole in its leg at the hands of one of their neighbors, according to Mass Live. The January incident landed Stanley Szewczyk, 74, in Northampton District Court on Thursday June 12, 2014 on one charge of animal cruelty.

Szewczyk admitted to shooting his neighbor's dog with a slingshot because he claimed he was tired of the dog being in his yard and leaving its waste behind.

The owner of the dog called police when she discovered her dog hobbling home. The dog was bleeding from a hole in his leg where a pellet was lodged.

Originally, Szewczyk was charged with killing, maiming or poisoning an animal, but Assistant District Attorney Andrew Covington changed the charge to animal cruelty because of the definition and what the veterinarian records stated. The bench trial is scheduled for July 31.

Animal cruelty is a felony charge in Massachusetts.

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