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Dog hops on DeKalb County school bus

A dog following children who were getting on a school bus in DeKalb County in Georgia picked a seat and decided not to move.

The dog was waiting with students who were heading to the Cedar Grove High School. It seems the dog merely climbed aboard as if it was supposed to be part of the crowd.

Many may think this is just such a cute story. However, for the driver of the school bus, it brought more work. All of the students had to leave the bus while the bus driver tried to get the dog to leave the bus. Neighbors then helped the bus driver convince the dog to leave the bus by using food as incentive.

Fortunately, the dog went wherever it had to go next once removed from the DeKalb County school bus and no one else had to get involved.

Reports online did not share who owned the dog or if the students getting on the DeKalb County school bus knew anything about the dog.

The following details were shared by

School officials tell FOX 5 this Pit Bull mix waited near a group of Cedar Grove High School students at a bus stop. When the school bus arrived, he hopped on - and would not budge!

According to witnesses the dog pushed his way through the crowd of students and took a seat. He then reportedly sat calmly in the seat and would not leave. The bus driver removed the students while neighbors helped to coax the animal off the bus with some food.

A video showing the dog and what some of the students had to say can be also be seen online at

The dog reportedly was harmless and did not cause any issues or injuries-it just add to the time it took for the bus to leave the bus stop.

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