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Dog hit by car and in pain left to languish in California high kill shelter

A brindle mastiff and bulldog blend named Bodie suffers in an isolated kennel at San Bernardino City Animal Shelter; with his left leg swollen and hardly able to stand, the young dog is clearly in pain.

Dog hit by car and in pain left to languish in California high kill shelter-slide0
Sol Figueiredo
Absolutely defenseless, Bodie is in pain and no one from the shelter has come to his aid. He's not due to be available for release until August 16.
Pit-a-boo San Bernardino Pups

When a volunteer asked the shelter that Bodie be evaluated by a veterinarian for his injuries, she was told the dog was already on pain medication. Here is the volunteer's description when she met the young dog:

"Bodie was hit by a car. He barely can stand up. His left front leg is swollen. All he does is lay quietly. He is in pain. When his kennel was being washed, he got scared and stood up, but it was extremely difficult for him. He can't put any pressure on his front leg. By the way, he is handsome and a very beautiful dog!"

Why isn't this shelter caring for Bodie? Don't animal shelters carry the responsibility to make every dog unlucky enough to wind up in a high kill facility, likely doomed to die unless humane advocates and animal lovers across the Internet help to find them safe new homes, bear the onus of compassionate care and handling?

This dog, who is listed to be only one-and-a-half-years-old, arrived at the shelter on August 10. For days, Bodie has been in pain.

Click here for Bodie's PetHarbor listing. When inquiring about this dog, please reference A470863.

Please reference Bodie's Facebook page by clicking here as volunteers pledge funds for an approved rescue organization and for the medical expenses that may occur.

View one video by clicking here.

Another Facebook thread is available by clicking here.

Please share Bodie's story with your friends, family and coworkers. Sharing saves lives.

It only takes a few moments to forward this article onto a Facebook friend or someone at work. The message only needs to find a special person or organization who can help these dogs.

For more information about this dog:

San Bernardino City Animal Control located at 333 Chandler Place in San Bernardino, Calif. Please call 909.384.1304
Ask for information about animal ID #A470863

Hours and Days of Operation: Closed Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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