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Dog groomers and volunteers needed in upstate for project to save outdoor dogs

Groomers and volunteers needed
Groomers and volunteers needed
Facebook: The Community Pet Project

UPDATED JANUARY 9, 2014: ******MATTED CATS ALSO WELCOME!****************

The Community Pet Project is an upstate South Carolina community located in Simpsonville. Today has been spent brainstorming by TCCP, with their goal being to bring outdoor dogs inside where it's warm. Their Facebook page reported January 8 on the idea of grooming dogs so they'll be clean enough to bring inside.

Grooming is part of The Community Pet Project's mission, which states

"To provide pet food, emergency medical care, and essential grooming to pets belonging to Pet Owners, who cannot afford these crucial services in hard times."

This week upstate South Carolina, as well as most of the midwest and northeast, has experienced record breaking cold(and dangerous) temperatures.

The grooming project will involve licensed dog groomers and volunteers in the upstate area who are willing to offer their services either at a low cost or free to those pet parents willing to bring their pets inside after being groomed.

This is a great idea, because many dog owner's would allow their dogs to come inside if they were groomed. It also takes a lot of worry off the owner, as tales of frozen dogs are being reported around the United States on a daily basis right now.

Volunteers are needed for this project, in addition to licensed groomers. If you wish to offer your time to this project, as a groomer or to help bathe and treat the dogs, please contact The Community Pet Project here. Be sure to specify whether you're a professional or just want to assist.

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