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Dog goes missing and returns with mysterious surgical wound

The mysterious surgical wound on Rosco's leg.
The mysterious surgical wound on Rosco's leg.
WAVE3 News

Rosco, a 13 year old golden retriever rescue, went missing from his Louisville, Kentucky home after a stroll around the neighborhood, according to CNN. The close-knit community is familiar with seeing Rosco make his daily rounds through the neighborhood. He is usually only gone about an hour. After four hours, the Dougherty family started looking for him. So did the neighbors.

Rosco sporting a mysterious surgery on his hind quarters.
WAVE3 News

On the night of May 19, 2014, 12 hours after he went missing, security cameras outside the family's home captured Rosco slowly ambling up the driveway. On the camera you can see the family's other dogs excitedly greet him. The family arrives home from looking for him at the same time and run to see him.

That's when they discovered Rosco had undergone surgery. His right hind leg had been shaven, showing a wound with a minimum of ten stitches. His paw was also shaven where an IV may have been connected. Rosco had an on-and-off again hot spot that had been treated in that area for years. His nails were also trimmed.

The Dougherty's called every veterinarian in the area but no one had treated Rosco. The wound had been covered with glue and resembled an amatuer-ish surgery. The Dougherty's brought Rosco to go through laser therapy to help heal the wound. He was also put on antibiotics and pain medication.

It is unknown what happened to Rosco, who is still shaking and in shock.

Lori Dougherty had her pig stolen several years earlier. The Dougherty's are also the owners of Ride On Curlin, a colt that runs for the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, and who is being prepared for the Belmont, according to America's Best Racing.

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