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Dog goes from death row to changing a man's life

A match made in heaven
A match made in heaven
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In late 2013, a dog named Baron was pulled off of "doggy-death row" in Greenville, S.C., by a local rescue agency. For a short time, Baron went to boarding, and then he was taken in by the non-profit rescue agency, Carmen's Rescue.

Soon thereafter, a woman who had adopted two dogs from the rescue agency reached out to the founder of the rescue agency because her son, Christian, was hoping to find a new companion.

Christian had a bit of a rocky past with dogs - when he was a younger man, he described himself as an owner who was less-than-dedicated and at times, impatient. But time had passed, he had matured and he wanted to do things right this time around.

Carmen, the founder of the rescue agency, knew Christian's story and she knew which dog would be perfect for him - Baron. Christian drove over 10 hours to meet the dog who would soon become his soul mate, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When Christian and Baron met, an instant bond was formed.

Christian recently wrote to Carmen about his new companion - he stated:

I literally cannot thank you enough. Baron has changed my life. I do EVERYTHING with him and we have made our own little family in my studio. Getting hardwood floors for him since he loves laying on them supposedly. He is fully trained off leash at our print shop.

The workers literally are p*ssed off when I sometimes show up WITHOUT him haha. Hope all is well. you are an angel! I just can't believe we paired like this. I mean EVERYYYONEEE falls in love with him."

Ever since Baron has been with me he has encouraged me to leave my apartment, get fresh air and be happy again. Baron has truly saved my life more than I did his. I’m a completely different and better person having him around.

Carmen offered her own thoughts after reading Christian's email:

I was so happy when I was reading this .. Baron who was on death row in the Greenville Shelter.... who ever owned this boy missed out on a wonderful dog

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