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Dog friendly swimming: AY! Fresh Water Cambridge Mass. Charles River

Nothing makes a dog happier or healthier than a good swim on a hot day
Nothing makes a dog happier or healthier than a good swim on a hot day
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

This list of places is on-going and I hope to hear of dog friendly water access in the Boston, Massachusetts area from all you readers. What I mean by "dog friendly water access" is that allowing your dog into the water is legal and not just something you do when no one is looking. This makes for a short list in the summer time, as most State and Local beaches do not allow dogs from May1 to September 15. When I do list a State or Local beach it is with the before May 1 and after September 15 proviso. What I'm looking for is other points of access (on rivers, ponds, bays and ocean front) where your dog can swim guilt free. If you see a AY! (All year!), that's a site with year round access. Let's have two categories: Fresh Water and Salt Water.
Cambridge, MA. This is a very, very good place for your dog to swim. Set off from other human interactions, with easy access points in several areas; just a fun place to bring your hot, panting dog. He/she will love you for it! It is Behind the public pool and adjacent to Magazine Beach on the Charles River. There's a small parking lot and a nice grassy area. The grassy area borders the river and the banks are not steep, but are low and soft. There are breaks between the bordering vegetation so you can hurl a ball into the water and your dog can let it rip and charge after.
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Cambridge, MA; Magazine Beach
Comments: Very friendly spot, set off from human interaction. There is lots of shade from trees and on most days there are good breezes from off of the river.
Water Quality: Fair. This is the improved section of the Charles River where years of public works projects which have separated storm and sewer pipes have reduced rainfall overflow. Additional work has reduced pollutants from street and parking lot runoff.
Ease of Entry: Excellent and varied locations.
Directions: Memorial Drive from Lechmere or Harvard Square to Magazine Beach which is opposite Trader Joe’s and the MicroCenter.

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