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Dog friendly swimming: AY! fresh water Arlington, Mass. Spy Pond

Dog friendly swimming
Dog friendly swimming

This list of places is on-going and I hope to hear of dog friendly water access in the Boston, Massachusetts area from all you readers. What I mean by "dog friendly water access" is that allowing your dog into the water is legal and not just something you do when no one is looking. This makes for a short list in the summer time, as most State and Local beaches do not allow dogs from May1 to September 15. When I do list a State or Local beach it is with the before May 1 and after September 15 proviso. What I'm looking for is other points of access (on rivers, ponds, bays and ocean front) where your dog can swim guilt free. If you see a AY! (All year!), that's a site with year round access. Let's have two categories: Fresh Water and Salt Water.

This Entry:

Arlington, MA: Spy Pond

Directions: From Rt. 16 turn onto Mass. Ave towards the Center. Turn Left on Pond Lane. From Rt.2 take the Rt. 60 (Pleasant Street) exit. Turn right on Wellington Street and curve past the Boys and Girls Club to the parking lot. There is a canoe ramp and further along the path rock steps leading to the water.

Comments: This is a great spot but with some important caveats. First, it is posted as having tested for toxic algae harmful to humans and dogs. Check with the Arlington Health department for updates: 781-316-3170. Second, there is a tot lot adjacent to the canoe ramp so if your dog is not easily controlled or is excitable, beware. Also, this is a very popular spot and is often busy with non-dog people so choose you times carefully.

WATER QUALITY: The algae warning is new and I have been here often…the water is, well, city pond water…brackish, tea colored, but decent. I take Lucy here to wash off after an ocean swim. Or at least I did….

EASE OF ENTRY: Great fun at the steps…easy canoe ramp.

Other Dog Friendly Swimming: Nature Examiner


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