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Dog freed of air conditioning duct pipe stuck over his head

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UPDATE: Piper has been captured. From the Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation just moments ago:

"Piper has been caught. Little details right now, he is being held at undisclosed location.
He will be vetted and already is adopted.
Thank God this baby is not running anymore."

Piper, the stray dog who has garnered thousands of supporters and animal advocates this past week, when a photo of the dog circulated social media sites with his head and neck encased in an air conditioning duct pipe, is believed to be free reported Monday morning.

Local veterinarians, Animal Control officers from the Oconee County Animal Control and volunteers from the Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation have worked tirelessly to capture the dog. Witnesses had reported Piper could not eat or drink.

For days, authorities tried to capture the dog using humane traps. Animal Control officers were dispatched to use tranquilizer guns, however no one could get close enough to the dog.

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Earlier Monday morning, a dog fitting the description of Piper was spotted in the same area running with a steak in his mouth. According to the Oconee County Animal Shelter Facebook posting in the morning, the dog's identity has been confirmed:

"Update on Piper! Piper has gotten the pipe off his head and is able to eat! We are still trying to catch him but for now he is able to eat and is well! We will post updates as we know them!"

There has been considerable speculation that the dog identified is not Piper, however at this point the person who has been feeding the dog is interested in adopting him and has confirmed the dog's identity. Authorities still hope to capture the dog, attend to his veterinary needs, and neuter him.

It remains a mystery how Piper was able to free himself of the pipe.

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