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Dog found shot and abandoned near Edmonton delivers 9 puppies

CBC News

When Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society rescued Shania, a beautiful German Shepherd mix found shot in the stomach and leg north of Edmonton, Canada last month, they thought they had saved the life of one dog. However, “We ended up rescuing 10," said April Oakes, with Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society, who went on to explain that they did not realize the 3-year old female was pregnant with nine pups until she underwent surgery to repair her wounds.

“It’s a great feeling,” added Oakes, who stated that now that she has given birth, donations are now needed to help with Shania’s recovery and rehabilitation, as well as to care for her litter. Although she was up and walking within 2-days, despite the fact that the bone in her leg had been shattered, “Shania has months of rehab and physiotherapy ahead of her and there is the chance she may never fully recover, although she keeps improving every day.

Readers interested in helping, as well as those seeking more information about adopting the young mom and her puppies can contact Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society at RR 1, Onoway, Alberta T0E 1V0 or e-mail them at