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Dog food review sites

Dog food dishes on marble countertop
Dog food dishes on marble countertop
Kathleen Riley-Daniels via iPhone

When you look at all the pet foods available to buy, have you ever wondered which one(s) would be best for your dogs? There are some sites the may be helpful to you in the quest for the best dog food for your companion.

  1. Dog Food Advisor | Dog Food Reviews and Ratings -- this site has good explanations and breaks down the ingredients too. Also provides information about recalls. This site offered the most beneficial information and in an easy format.
  2. Dog Food Guru | Reviews, Recalls and Coupons -- this is a newer site and was easy to navigate with good information. If you are looking for information on homemade or raw diets, this is a good place to start researching. The available coupons were a nice touch too.
  3. Dog Food Scoop | Dog Food Comparison, Ratings, Reviews. This site shares that they are contacting and questioning dog food manufacturers for their reviews.
  4. Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble This site is part of Boxer World one of the largest and longest running dog forum communities on the Internet. This site does not have a favorable view of the pet food industry and they have a good explanation of their opinions on the about page.
  5. Pet Food Talk Easy to navigate and at the top of the page are links to reviews and recalls -- makes things much simpler. The blog is interesting and informative too.

Have you discovered a pet food rating site that you love? Share it in the comments.

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