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Dog fighting operation dismantled in Meriwether County, GA

If you’re still questioning why animal rescue is so crucial in today’s society, look no further than this pertinent news item.

A dog fighting operation southwest of Atlanta, GA, has been dismantled after a raid on January 18, 2014.

The setup for this dog fighting was located in Meriwether County, where more than three dozen offenders had gathered to spectate on this gruesome scene. There was even a food truck catering to those watching the fight.

A group of heroic individuals from Meriwether County Deputies & Investigators, the Meriwether Narcotics unit, Woodbury Police, Greenville Police, DNR Rangers with the Department of Natural Resources, Spalding County Sheriff's Deputies, Coweta County Sheriff's Crime Suppression Unit, the Coweta County Sheriffs and Department of Natural Resources Aviation Units reigned down as avenging angels on the operation. They arrested and charged 34 criminals with cruelty to animals, amongst other crimes.

Two bloody, injured pitbull terriers were found inside the ring, and subsequently rescued. Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that, “Animal Control Officer Beth Miller advised that she was hopeful that the dog found in this pit could be saved.”

What Officer Beth Miller meant by the above statement is that many dogs that have been used for fighting – which unfortunately are usually the pitbull terrier breed – are unable to recover from the violence they’ve suffered. The fate of the majority of these dogs is euthanasia. If rescued early enough, however, they have the chance to be rehabilitated and live out their lives peacefully and without incident.

This is why animal rescuers must exist. There will always be evil present in this world, and that evil will always prey upon those who cannot defend themselves. Dog fighting is a truly horrendous evil that must be vanquished; but until it is eradicated, there are devoted animal rescuers who will do all in their power to stop this needless violence.

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