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Dog fighting bust in Nashville today results in seizure of over three dozen dogs

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More than three dozen dogs, some showing open wounds that officers suspect were caused by fighting, were seized today in a raid on a north Nashville home, according to an article posted today on the website.

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The Nashville Metro Police Department has posted photos of the raid on their website. One of the photos shows a dog with a large open wound on his or her neck.

Nashville police said the dogs came to their attention during a drug investigation involving suspected distribution of cocaine and heroin. When they went to serve search warrants on that investigation, they saw the dogs in the back yard and suspected they were being used for dog fighting.

Don Aaron, a spokesman for the police department, told

“As we were on the property, it was clear from the animals at the back of the house that dog fighting was taking place. Animals were being raised for fighting."

A total of 38 dogs were taken into custody, with some showing open wounds and scars that police suspect came from fighting. A number of the dogs were also emaciated.

Some of the dogs were chained in the yard, others were kept on chains in the woods, and some were caged. Police believe that the jaws and legs of the dogs were being strengthened using an animal hide hanging from a tree limb.

Based on the number of syringes that police found in the yard, they believe that the dogs were being injected with some substance that has yet to be identified.

Officers also reported finding $250,000 in the woods near the home.

Police are still investigating but so far no one has been charged in connection with the dogs. The dogs are now at the Metro animal shelter. Although they are not currently available for adoption, the shelter has many other dogs who need to be adopted to make space for these 38 dogs.

Meanwhile, the Nashville Humane Society will be assessing the behavior and temperament of the dogs in hopes that they can be rehabbed and adopted into loving and caring homes.