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Dog facing death after biting child who tried to take bone from his mouth

Mickey is on death row
Mickey is on death row
Screen shot via My Fox Phoenix

According to Sunday's My Fox Phoenix News, a dog facing almost certain death, after biting a child, has many people who are fighting to save his life.

The dog, a five-year-old pit bull named "Mickey," is sitting in a kennel run at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control in Phoenix, Ariz., after he bit a four-year-old boy in the face in February.

The child was seriously wounded by the dog, but the people who are fighting to see Mickey's life spared point to the circumstances which surround the attack as reason for him to be given a second chance.

According to a prior publication of My Fox Phoenix, the little boy wandered into Mickey's yard while the dog was chewing on a bone. The child tried to take the bone out of the dog's mouth and that is when he was bitten.

After the attack, Mickey's owners surrendered their dog to Animal Care and Control and since that time, staff at the facility has observed no signs of aggression from him - describing him as "mellow."

The people who want to see Mickey's life spared point out that the child was in Mickey's yard and the child was unattended...the dog was chewing on a bone and reacted in a fashion which could naturally be expected from a dog.

The quarantine period for Mickey ends today and with no owner to fight for his life, his future is uncertain.

Facebook page supporting Mickey at this link.

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