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Dog eating festival kicks off in China on June 21

Despite a rising, worldwide protest, the 2014 Yulin Dog Meat Festival will go off as planned in China on June 21.

The people of Yulin defend the annual dog eating festival,_China_1999.jpg

Last year's festival, staged under strong protest and suffering some serious disruptions, managed to break the previous record by killing, roasting and eating more than 10,000 dogs.

Advocates of the festival defend the celebration of eating dog meat by citing its long tradition in China, but opponents see it as outrageous, unnecessary animal cruelty engaged in only to make money.

Claims that the animals are bred for the sole purpose of being roasted as a treat for festival goers are met by protesters insisting most of the dogs are merely scooped up off the streets of the Yulin region, whether they are strays or not.

Either way, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival will go on as planned, despite growing protests, crowdfunding campaigns to end the practice and websites and Facebook pages set up to expose what, to most, seems to be a barbaric practice from the past which has no place in a supposedly "enlightened" world waking up to the horrors of mass animal cruelty for strictly profit making purposes.

Looks like the record is about to be broken again...

What do you think?

Should the Yulin Dog Meat Festival be banned? Or is it a celebration of China's past?

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