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Dog ears and leg cut off: Pitbull puppy severly maimed

A pitbull (not shown) had ears and leg cut off from serious maiming.
A pitbull (not shown) had ears and leg cut off from serious maiming.
Commons Wikimedia

A dog with her ears and leg cut off is recovering after being severely abused. The seven-month old pitbull puppy named Miss Harper is in the care of Nassau County SPCA is looking for donations to help. Patch reported Jan. 30 that she was found by the SPCA in September with horrific injuries that will leave permanent scars.

Miss Harper has major damage to her back toes there will be surgery to reapir them, Dr. Kim Barlowe of My Pet's Vet said. She said the worst damage was to the dog's ears and leg being cut off.

"Our main concern is rehabilitating her and finding her a good home," said Barlowe.

The people charged in this case are facing serious consequences for maiming the innocent puppy. Miss Harper was the only pup found at the residence.

No additional surgeries are needed to help this dog with the cut off ears and leg. She will begin work using a prosthetic leg next. She may need to have her back leg amputated so she can balance standing and walking better.

Hopefully Miss Harper will get the great home and care she deserves after enduring such cruelty and needless suffering. A dog with ears and leg cut off from disgusting pet owners have no business having an animal.

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