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Dog dumped by owner twice in one day, chases his car: Animal cruelty charged

Dog is dumped by owner twice in one day but chases owner down.
Dog is dumped by owner twice in one day but chases owner down.
Denver DW

Dogs really are loyal up until the end, even when the end consists of the owner dumping the dog out of the car and taking off. Daniel Sohn, 31, dumped his German Shepard off at an animal shelter and booked, but the dog chased behind him.

According to NBC Local News 9 on May 29, the dog was dumped at the Denver Animal Shelter illegally and the surveillance camera caught the entire incident on tape. He did this twice in one day. The first time the dog caught up to him and Sohn is seen letting the dog back in his car.

Later that afternoon, he tries it again, but this time the dog didn’t catch up to him and that dog is still on the loose. Sohn was arrested on cruelty to animals and neglect for abandoning his dog twice at the shelter.

The Denver Animal Shelter reports that the dog is still missing and is asking for the public’s help in finding the dog. This is reminiscent of the owner that dropped their dog off on a street in Las Vegas last week, which was reported on NBC News.

That dumping of the dog was also caught on surveillance camera, but this time the dog was just dumped in a neighborhood, not near a shelter. That dog chased his owner a little bit of the way then stopped and looked confused.

Luckily she ended up in front of a dog-lover’s home who found her looking sad outside her gate at 5:30 in the morning when she was letting her own two dogs out to do their morning duty. She took that dog in and set out to find her a new good home. The video didn't pick up a license plate number so that former dog owner was not caught.

The video went viral, and when people saw the sad pooch chase after her owner to no avail, it tore at their heart strings. That dog had many prospects for new homes, but one home in particular caught the dog rescuer’s eye. She decided she would call back a woman whose son was wanting a dog and who was a cancer survivor.

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