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Dog drowns in car when it rolls into lake: Owner left dog tied to car

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A dog drowned in a car that rolled into Lake Pleasant after a chain of events caused this freak accident to occur. The dog hopped into a parked car, disengaged the brake, which sent it rolling into the Arizona lake. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of this dog that was found in a submerged car on Saturday morning, according to on July 13.

The owner of the dog and his friend were visiting the lake on Friday night and they had the dog with them. They tied the dog up to the passenger wheel of the car with a 10-foot rope and left the car door open while they were away from the car.

When they returned, the car was gone. Apparently because it was so dark they didn’t see that it was fully submerged in water just a couple of feet away from the shore.

The dog jumped into the car and somehow knocked the emergency brake off, sending the car rolling into the water. CBS 13 Local reports that this incident took place around 10:15 on Friday night. Divers had to wait to daylight to search the lake for the car. What they found on Saturday morning was disturbing.

Just a few feet from the shore the car was under 15-feet of water, said the sheriff department officers on the scene. Apparently Lake Pleasant isn’t a gradually drop off from shore.

The impact of the car hitting the water closed the car door leaving no escape route for the dog. The German shepherd had been trapped inside the submerged car and drowned.

The sheriff’s office divers retrieved the dog’s carcass out of the car on Saturday morning. The dog was found on the passenger side of the front seat. They also pulled the car out of the lake. An investigation into the death of this dog is on-going today.

This was a sad discovery for the dog’s owner as he was trying to keep the dog safe by tying him to the car. By tying him up and leaving the dog unattended, he was also was leaving the dog like a sitting duck for any wild animals or any vicious dogs that may have happened upon the area. The dog couldn’t have gotten away if it were attacked by another animal. Maybe they should have stayed around the car to safeguard the dog. What do you think?