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Dog dies after being stabbed at AnMed Health Campus walking track

dog stabbed to death at AnMed walking track
dog stabbed to death at AnMed walking track
Elisa Black-Taylor

An Anderson resident reported her dog was stabbed at a public walking track, Fox Carolina reported February 28.

According to an incident report to Anderson City Police, a dog owner brought her dogs to the AnMed Health Campus in Anderson February 25. One of her dogs, a black and white lab, got loose as she was adjusting its collar, and went to a man who was also there walking his dog.

The man's dog and her dog got into a fight, and the woman was finally able to separate the two dogs.

The woman soon noticed her dog was bleeding heavily from it's side. It was then that a witness said the man had stabbed the loose dog during the fight. She asked the man about the incident, and he admitted he had stabbed the lab. At this time, the man ran off.

Unfortunately, the dog died of its injuries.

There's a lot of debate going on about this tragedy, where people are divided on who was in the right, and whether the man should be legally charged with a crime for stabbing the dog.

Since the lab had allegedly attacked the man's dog, was he legally within his rights to protect himself and his dog?

Another question has come up as to why dogs are being walked at the AnMed Health Campus track. This is not a dog walking park, although a lot of residents who live in the area do walk their dogs there.

A better choice would be Chris Taylor Park, located 3.86 miles from the AnMed Health Campus and is a 9 minute drive.

Who do you think is at fault here? Please leave a comment below.

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