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Dog dies after being left on hot balcony in Utah

Bergen left on a hot balcony
Bergen left on a hot balcony
Screen shot via Fox Now

According to Friday's publication of the Salt Lake Tribune, a dog who was left on a hot balcony in Salt Lake City, Utah, earlier this week, had died.

On Wednesday afternoon, the German shepherd, named "Bergen," was rescued by firefighters after a neighbor reported seeing the dog in apparent distress. Bergen had been left on a third story balcony with no water - the temperature outside was in the 90s.

Though rescuers were able to remove the over-heated dog from the balcony and rush him to an emergency veterinarian, the toll of being left in the sun, without any water, had taken a deadly toll; the dog died during the night.

Bergen's temperature had climbed to 108 degrees by the time that he was removed from the balcony.

Fox 13 Now reported that the Humane Society of Utah is hoping that the person responsible for leaving Bergen in the deadly situation will face felony charges.

Humane Society of Utah Executive Director Gene Baierschmidt said:

“There must be justice for Bergen and a message must be sent to our community that this type of treatment of animals simply will not be tolerated.”

Investigators have discovered the Bergen's owner had left the dog inside when she went to work and that another man was responsible for his care. The person who allegedly left the dog on the balcony has not yet been interviewed.

Earlier this week, a Rhodesian Ridgeback died after becoming over-heated and dehydrated while hiking through Red Butte Gardens near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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