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Dog Diarrhea; the worst thing to wake up to

Happy old dog cuddling Luke Burkett.
Happy old dog cuddling Luke Burkett.
Amanda Aldridge

Living with an older pet can be stressful. If they're not walking into walls, they are falling down stairs, in which case a baby-gate is recommended. Sometimes there is the added bonus of having a dog that cannot control their bowels. This isn't fun for the pet or the owner. Here are a few tips to keep you dog regular:

1. Put your dog on a set schedule so he or she knows that there will be a chance to "go" outside. By giving your dog the right opportunities to get out there, they will be less likely to let loose inside.

2. Never feed your dog table scrapes, all it brings is mushy poo. Avoid giving your dog anything but quality pet food.

3. Keep your pet from eating things that they shouldn't be while outside by keeping your dog on leash.

4. Check with a vet to make sure the medications you give your pet do not give him or her the runs.

5. Keep your trash hidden in a cabinet away from noisy pups. The trash is always the first place a dog looks to find a nasty meal.

Hope this helps you get a handle on you pets poop. The best way we can love our pets is by giving them structure and the best diet possible.

Love your pet!


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