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Dog delivers record-setting litter of pups: Owner to sell pups on Craigslist

Mastiff delivers 17 puppies
Mastiff delivers 17 puppies
Screen shot via KLTV News

As animal-welfare advocates bemoan the sad effects of pet over-population, one dog in East Texas has managed to single-handedly produce one litter of puppies that was so large that it has set a new state record, reported Thursday's KLTV News.

When the Mastiff named "Monclair Brady," delivered her second litter, her owners were stunned to see the total number of puppies top out at a whopping total of 17. The prior Texas state record for the largest number of puppies delivered was 16.

Monclair Brady labored for 22 long hours to deliver the her record-setting litter.

According to multiple sources, the family who owns the Mastiff plans on selling the puppies online, including sites like Craigslist.

Meanwhile, in other areas of the nation, groups like Fix Long Beach, are reaching out to residents in their area to help pet owners alter their pets in an effort to end the number of unwanted dogs and cats who wind up in droves at area animal control agencies.

Following the devastating "Puppy-Doe" animal cruelty case in Quincy, Mass., thousands of people have spoken out against Craigslist as a means for finding dogs a home. Puppy Doe, a pit bull, had been re-homed on Craigslist and she wound up in the hands of a man who sadistically tortured her so badly that she could not be saved.

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