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Dog deity presides over Denver International Airport

Xólotl: Dios Perro
Xólotl: Dios Perro

When you’re hoping that your flight at Denver International Airport (DIA) is on time, you’ll now have a canine god on your side to address your pleas.

DIA is the new home of Xólotl: Dios Perro (Xólotl: Dog Deity), a fourteen-foot-tall alebrije (fantastical figure) created by artist Óscar Becerra Mora. The Art & Culture Program at DIA describes the Dog God Xólotl (pronounced Sho-lotel) as an “homage to the Aztec culture…charged with guarding the sun as it passed through the underworld. It is said that he helped his brother, Quetzalcóatl, in the creation of humankind. One of Xólotl’s defining qualities is his ability to transform into other figures such as objects, plants and animals.”

On display in the Jeppeson Terminal through the spring of 2014, the sculpture is made of brightly painted papier-mâché incorporating modeled cardboard. According to Westword, The Mexican Cultural Center originally brought the one-of-a-kind mythological creature to Denver for the Biennial of the Americas where it was displayed in front of the Colorado History Center.

“This sculpture depicts one of the fantastic characters born of myths from cultures around the world,” said DIA’s Manager of Aviation, Kim Day. “This creative and vibrant sculpture was created by our neighbors in Mexico and it’s going to be a stunning and intriguing conversation piece in the center of the terminal.”

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