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Dog Daze at the Bay: Local water park opens its doors to the dogs

Dog Daze at the Bay 2010
Dog Daze at the Bay 2010
Alex Jimenez

This past Saturday, the Broomfield Bay Aquatic Park opened up its facilities to over 500 playful pooches. Usually the park is for people, but the annual event—now in its tenth year—is a day gone to the dogs. Even the water slides are free game for the willing (and not so willing) four-legged attendees.

Dog Daze at the Bay was started by park manager, Dana Cabbot, in collaboration with her now 11-year old Labrador mix, Blue, who still makes an appearance at the event.

“We get everything from Great Danes to Dachshunds,” says Cabbot, “but the labs and goldens are really the ones who get into it.”

Dog Days at The Bay is always held the first Friday after Labor Day, as the park wraps up it’s summer season and “accidents” in the pool are not a big deal. For that same reason, people are not allowed in the water with their animals.

Also, as part of the end-of-season festivities, The Broomfield Bay Aquatic Park will stock its pools with trout on Sept. 25 for their annual Fishing at the Bay, where children and adults can come down to practice their fishing skills.

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  • Shiloh's Mom 4 years ago

    What a blast! Great gallery and pleasure speaking with you Alex. Hope to see you next year. Hats off to Dana and the entire Broomfield water park for doing this!

  • Mike Rudeen 4 years ago

    Great photos and copy! This is a lot of fun.

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