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Dog Days Greensboro daycare review

Dog Days Greensboro, NC 2/1/2010
Dog Days Greensboro, NC 2/1/2010
Ariel Trcka

Anyone can imagine the benefits of finding a safe, trusted facility to help tend to their loved one(s) while they take advantage of stress-free time for rest, work, or any extra-curricular activity made harder by the presence of an extra body. Most people assume that extra body is a child, but many dog owners know it can be a canine companion as well. Dog daycares are not a new idea, but they have begun to garner more and more attention in the last few years. For an energetic, social dog, a daycare has a lot to offer. Within the city limits of Greensboro alone there are more than six to chose from. When selecting a daycare for their beloved pets, owners consider many different things; some focus on location, some on price, and others on overall quality. To assist Greensboro dog owners in finding the daycare that is right for them, this is the first of five, detailed reviews of the most popular daycares in Greensboro.

Dog Days is located in downtown Greensboro at 705 Battleground Avenue. Besides daycare, it offers overnight boarding, a variety of grooming services, and a store with a fun array of dog gifts and accessories. Clients of attending dogs are required to bring, on their first visit, proof of vaccinations that are copied and kept on record. For those parents who need to get an early start, they open on weekdays at 7am, and you can pick up as late as 6:30pm. Weekend hours vary slightly; Saturday 8:30am – 3pm and Sunday 3pm – 5pm. The price for daycare is standard; $20 per day and $12 for a half-day (up to four hours). Ten-day packages are available for a $15 discount, and twenty-day packages offer a generous $60 off. And as an added bonus the first day for every new client is free!

Dog Days is owned and operated by Lonnie Sterling, and you can find him there every morning until 12pm. When he opened in 2005, the idea of a dog daycare was almost unprecedented in the area. Now he says, “I don’t go a day without running into a client of mine. We have acquired over 3,000 clients in five years. It has been a lot more fun than I ever thought”. The pride Mr. Sterling has in his business is evident in his interactions with clients. He and his staff, known as “canine coordinators”, take a personal interest in each dog. They are trained to make sure the dogs are comfortable and occupied in a variety of playgrounds, both indoors and out. After only one day there, they knew both me and my dog by name! But what really sets Dog Days apart from other daycares is their webcam service. Owners can check on their four-legged friends anytime by logging onto their website,

So whether you have a long work week ahead of you, or just need a few hours to run some errands, Dog Days can provide your dog with some much-needed entertainment. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog!


  • Andrew Eckenrode 5 years ago

    Great article! So often we consumers have to deal with the occasionally aggrivating and costly trial and error process of finding the right service provider for our pets and us. I look forward to Ms. Trcka's series about dog daycare facilities so that I can become better informed on the pros and cons of the daycare options in this area. Thank you for the great article! Its about time that we get a knowledgable writer that speaks the language of a pet owner.

  • phyllis smith 5 years ago

    the country needs more of these types of facilities! great article.

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