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Dog credited with saving the life of injured guardian after snowmobile accident

Amber the hero dog
Alaska Troopers

According to Wednesday's publication of the Anchorage Daily News, a dog is being hailed a hero for her part in saving the life of her guardian who was injured in a terrible snow machine accident near Trapper Creek, Alaska.

Tragedy struck on Sunday afternoon when 52-year-old Otis Orth crashed his snow machine and was seriously injured. Orth's two-year-old golden retriever, "Amber," was with him when the accident took place.

Orth was left immobile after the crash and Amber helped to keep him alive through the bitterly cold night by snuggling with him in the snow. The next day, Amber remained by his side until he heard other snow machine users approaching and he directed his dog to go.

Amber listened and did as she was told...she ran towards the approaching riders and successfully got their attention by barking and chasing after them.

According to the Alaska Dispatch, Tom Taylor, and his brother, Maynard Taylor, saw Amber on the trail and her actions convinced them to follow her. The men were able to reach Orth and they stayed with him, keeping him warm, until help arrived.

According to the Taylor brothers, when help arrived for Orth, Amber still did not want to be led away.

Amber's faithful attention to her guardian saved his life and he recognizes the precious friend that he has. Orth told the Alaska Dispatch:

She sleeps with me most of the time anyways at the foot of the bed,"

But I might have to let her snuggle up a little closer to me now."

Orth suffered multiple injuries in the crash, including dislocated limbs, a frost-bitten foot and an injured neck...but he is alive.

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