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Dog in Canada rescued after rope was cutting into his trachea and near death

Dog was found with rope cutting into his throat.
Cobanyastigi/Wikimedia Public Domain

A horrible case of animal cruelty is being investigated when a brave dog was found tied up with a rope that almost killed him. The pooch was rescued just in time before he would have died from the deep wounds in his neck, according to CBC News on March 4.

The dog was brought to a veterinarian in Yellowknife a couple weeks ago where he is now recovering from his injuries. They named this beautiful canine Brave because of all that he endured out there all alone, in terrible pain, and neglected. Dr. Tom Pisz that treated him said that this was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty that he has seen.

"He was malnourished, he suffered general septicemia from the wound, and the wound was extremely deep to the muscle in his neck," Pisz said. "It actually had ruptured his trachea, so when he was breathing the air was coming through a small hole in his trachea.”

The vet estimated that Brave only had another 24 hours before he would have died. How cruel can someone be to do this type of thing? The sweet dog was also starving and dehydrated from the neglect. Despite having such a terrible experience, Brave is now bouncing around, in less pain and is being cared for in a foster home. He is now ready to find a permanent home to be loved forever as he so deserves.

Brave has been taken care of in more ways than one since his rescue. A dog lover from Toronto learned about the dog’s sad situation and she ended up paying for all of his treatments.

No word on who was responsible for leaving this beautiful pooch to die out there alone.

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