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Dog business is good business

Curtis Murphy and the other entrepreneurs don't seem to mind the cash from their service filled with stink!
Curtis Murphy and the other entrepreneurs don't seem to mind the cash from their service filled with stink!
Los Vegas Sun

It is most certain that most times you nor your children aspire to be in the garbage business; whether it is dumping human trash from cans or scooping poop from their four-legged friends. It is just not that appealing – especially on hot days when flies are out and about. Thank goodness there are folks that don’t mind this type of business which is proving to be quite lucrative for some of the people in it.

Business is business and as long as you conduct yourself professionally, you can build up quite the clientele! An article appeared in the Los Vegas Sun this morning, written by Paul Takahashi, along these same lines.

Takahashi reported on Curtis Murphy, owner and operator of Klean Scoop, a canine poop scooping business out of Nevada. Murphy is a prime example of a good business owner.

He befriends those he works for (dogs and people alike!), he conducts himself professionally and he completes the business without fail. People are very impressed with his accurate service, thus the reason that this high school dropout will make practically $85,000 this year alone.

Is it worth it some people may ask, well do you make $85,000 being able to work around dogs for a few minutes a day, be outside in the fresh air, and set your own hours? Curtis does! Even though his work may not be for everyone, he seems pleased enough to perform his duties without hesitation and for his good service, he gets to live quite nicely.

In DuPage County, Illinois, there are several businesses that mirror Klean Scoop. Ron Jon Poo-B-Gone is a very popular, well-advertised business that allows pet people the pleasure of having their pet and having the company clean up after their four-legged companion. It seems to be a win-win for both parties indeed!

In addition to Ron Jon, there is also a barrage of other businesses that are available for the same type of service requirements. Poop 911, 1 Dog Poop at a Time, The Pet King Canine Waste Cleanu-Up Services, and Paws Butler Pooper Scooper Service are but a few in a growing list of businesses realizing the profitability of a pet business that people really appreciate.

In most areas, there are fines associated with not cleaning up after your dog. In some areas, you may even get a nice jail sentence. Who wants that, when there are services that will do your clean-up for you for just a few dollars a month?

So, whether poop scooping is glorious or not, as long as people have pets, this business is likely to be around. Cleaning up helps these businesses to clean up!

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