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Dog bursts into flames after flea and tick treatment

Dog bursts into flames after being treated with flea spray
Dog bursts into flames after being treated with flea spray
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According to Wednesday's NBC Miami, a dog in Parkland, Fla., was severely burned during a flea and tick treatment that went terribly wrong.

On Tuesday night, Telma Botcherby was applying flea and tick spray to her dog...things got ugly when Botcherby saw a live tick crawling on the floor and she decided to use a lighter to burn it.

Unfortunately, the dog, who was just doused in flea and tick spray, got startled and jumped towards the lighter - her fur quickly burst into flames.

Botcherby's husband, Jess Olivas, took matters into his own hands - literally.

Olivas scooped the flaming dog into his arms and ran for a swimming pool; the water extinguished the flames, but the dog, and her rescuer, were severely burned before the fire was out.

Olivas was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of his second degree burns, which scorched his arms, chest and face, and the injured dog, who was burned on her legs and stomach, was taken to Dr. Peter’s Animal Hospital in Coral Springs on Wednesday morning.

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