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Dog burial site offers ancient mystery from Aztec culture in one-of-a-kind find

Dog burial site is ancient find under an apartment building in Mexico City.
Dog burial site is ancient find under an apartment building in Mexico City.
Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History, INAH)

A dog burial site believed to be created by the Aztec culture in ancient Mexico was uncovered beneath a building in Mexico City. This ancient dog burial site is a significant find because it is the first of its kind to be discovered, according to ABC News on Feb. 15.

The dog burial site is believed to date back to 1350 and 1520 AD, a time when a mass dog burial site was not common. Dogs were considered to have the powers to guide the dead to their new life after death. This is why dogs were buried with people back in those days.

Dog were also buried on the grounds of pyramids and other structures of significance to the Aztec culture because they were thought to guard the structures.

This latest find has 12 medium size dogs strategically buried, much like the burial pattern at a cemetery. Why they were killed and buried all at once is a mystery, but this find will give up so much more information during the analysis process of the ancient carcasses.

With the tests done during the analysis, the researchers will be able to tell what type of dogs these were and how they were killed. The researchers will dig deeper to see if anything beneath the dog burial site will offer clues as to why the dogs were buried this way or possibly what it was that they were placed there to guard.

Dogs were special to the Aztec culture and finding a mass grave of a dozen, which is an exciting find, has the researchers enthusiastic for learning more about these dogs that might give them clues as to why they were buried in such a way.

Finding ceramics and other items from the Aztec period in nearby pits was how the researchers were able to date this dog burial site. This was an amazing find coming from under an apartment building in Mexico City.

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