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Dog Breeds: The Affectionate Affenpinscher

Chicago Dog Training
Chicago Dog Training
Chicago Dog Cartoon

The Chicago Dog Coach says, "Living in an condo in a big city like Chicago but long for an active dog for your pre-teen child?"

The Chicago Dog Coach, says, “Affenpinschers are your best bet as these are intelligent, playful but loyal dogs whose needs can be easily met in a big city like Chicago.”

For their size, they need a lot of exercise – walks in Chicago city or a game in the backyard of your home in Chicago. Affens are usually friendly, curious, independent, fearless against other aggressive animals and fiercely loyal and protective of their owners.

Spunky and bold, these dogs make ideal companions for a walk or a day at the beach. This dog loves to play, fetch, chase and climb and generally have a good time making owner’s laugh with his antics.