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Dog breeds based on biting and fatality statistics

A lot of factors determine if a dog will bite
A lot of factors determine if a dog will bite

The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association conducted a twenty year study on the most dangerous dog breeds that was posted on This top 10 most dangerous dog breeds listing is based on the amount of fatalities they have caused. This information is not reported to discourage the purchase of a particular breed, but the information is presented as purely statistical data.

10. St Bernard –It’s not like this breed is terribly dangerous. It was responsible for seven fatalities. The real reason for their potential danger is their sheer size. St. Bernards are actually pretty lovable and affectionate dogs.

9. Great Dane – Another dog with seven fatalities and again, not dangerous, is the Great Dane. Like the St. Bernard this breed can be troublesome because of its sheer size. These are some big dogs but if groomed and trained properly it can be a great pet.

8. Chow Chow – According to the study the Chow Chow has been responsible for eight fatalities. The Chow Chow does have an aggressive personality, especially around strangers and other pets. As is related to many breeds, a lot of behavior issues have to do with ownership and not always a genetic problem of the dog.

7. Doberman Pinscher – Known to be one of the most aggressive breed of dogs ever, the Doberman Pinscher was one of the most recognizable dog breeds as they were used extensively as guard dogs. Dobermans accounted for nine fatalities in the study but most deaths were caused in defense of their owners. This is a great, loyal dog.

6. Malamute – This breed was responsible for 12 fatalities and is another case of a large dog causing unintended harm. Families with children should be careful if purchasing a Malamute.

5. Wolf-Dog Hybrid – This breed is no surprise as half of this dog is wolf. Even with proper crossbreeding, domestication, and training Wolf-dog hybrids maintain much of the prey drive of their wolf genetics making them quite dangerous to keep as pets.

4. Husky – With a total of 15 fatalities linked to Huskies in the study conducted, they are definitely known to be aggressive, but this behavior has been linked to poor training/obedience issues as Huskies rate as one of the most intelligent canines in the world.

3. German Shepherd – Similar to the Doberman, their high intelligence and aggressiveness makes them sure picks as guard and police dogs. With 17 fatalities attributed to them, they are the third most dangerous dog breed.

2. Rottweiler –The Rottweiler was responsible for 39 fatalities in this study. Their temperament is usually passive and attentive, but is also known to be prone to aggressive outburst.

1. Pit Bull –The American Pit Bull Terrier was listed as the number one deadliest dogs. In this study the Pit Bull stood far ahead of all the other breeds with 66 fatalities attributed to it. Known for their extremely aggressive nature, many states have legislation banning the breeding of Pit Bulls and there are also cities which ban this breed within their city limits. However, there are others who not only believe, but know, Pit Bulls can be loving and loyal pets. As is common with any breed, training, ownership and environment play a large part in the development of a dog’s temperament.

The information is purely statistical data and not confirmation that any particular breed is unsafe. The most common factor in the behavior of any dog is how it is raised and trained. The information is provided in an attempt to be a useful report on biting statistics and awareness about different breeds.

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