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Dog breeder pleads not guilty after over 100 dogs were removed from property

After the largest seizure of animals in Mahoning County history, dog breeder Terri Wylie entered a written not guilty plea in Sebring Court on January 30th at her probable cause hearing.

A search warrant was served at 10780 Johnson Road in Smith Township at around 11am, earlier in January, by Humane Agents with Animal Charity and the Mahoning County Dog Warden's Office. The property is theWinning in Blue Yorkies breeding facility.

Humane agents tell 21 News they rescued a total of 105 dogs and puppies from what they suspect is a "puppy mill."

A one-year-old Doberman Pincher was in a large kennel inside a barn on the property, and agents pointed out to the breeding facility owner that the dog's paws were bleeding and swollen.

Owner, Terri Wylie said she just ordered medicine for he dog, and asked Humane Agents if she showed proof that she ordered medicine if they would allow her to keep her dog? Humane Agents told Wylie she is required to show written proof that the animals have received proper veterinary care.

The owner said she tried to contact her husband because he keeps track of all the paperwork, but he was working out of town.

Kim Woodburn, a Mahoning County Humane Agent with Animal Charity says,"Horrible conditions inside the kennels. There's feces everywhere, urine stains on newspapers, walls and everything."

Humane Agent Christopher Flak tells 21 News they have been to the property for numerous calls related to the breeding facility, and this time an out of state complaint brought them here. "We did receive a complaint this time that the dog that was received from the complainant was ill, and was vetted, and was found to have a yeast infection, it was also found to have ear mites, which is very uncommon for puppies. It can happen, but it's very contagious." They allege this breeder is notorious for cleaning up the animals and grooming them inside her home when she's ready to sell them, never letting buyers see the conditions in the barn where the puppies are kept.

Authorities say the Pennsylvania woman making the complaint, was told she could bring the dog back, however, she would not be issued a refund, but another puppy. Humane Agents say that new puppy was just as ill as the first one according to the woman's veterinarian.

But breeder Terri Wylie claims she's done nothing wrong, and she'll fight the animal cruelty charges.

"This is totally ridiculous. I've been in the breeding business for 30 years. Humane Agents came early this morning before I had my kennels cleaned, and accused me of never cleaning my kennels. ... Which every morning, even with my oxygen, I clean my kennels."

If you are interested in donating food, blankets, towels, bleach or if you want to give a monetary donation or "foster" a puppy, contact: Animal Charity at 4140 Market Street in Boardman, or call: (330) 788-1064.

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