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Dog breed characteristics are only a guideline


Some Scottish Terriers don't chase cats, but most have a strong prey instinct.

You buy a Standard Poodle that is dumb as a post or a Pug that constantly makes a horrible high pitched barking sound. Wait a second! Didn't the dog breed book say Poodles were incredibly intelligent and Pugs made virtually no noise at all?

If you've ever ended up with a dog that doesn't exhibit dog breed characteristics, then you already know what many prospective dog buyers are about to learn. These characteristics are a generalization about most dogs in a specific breed, not a guarantee that your dog will act in a certain way.

Tthe loving owner of a Scottie who wouldn't dream of chasings kids or kittens will be pleased that his or her dog doesn't  exhibit typical Scottish Terrier behavior. The owner of a Labrador Retriever that is terrified of water? Not so much.


  • Happy_Tails_Books 5 years ago

    So true - characteristics ARE only a generalization. However, I can tell you from experience that there are common traits among most dogs and the people who own them. For example, Boston Terrier owners tend to love exclamation points!!!!(you can tell what I own!). Golden Retriever owners tend to be cals and well educated.

    I know this because I publish books that are compilations of stories about dogs, and I'm always excited about how much I learn from the stories people submit to me! The books give a good view into breed characteristics, but they also show how diverse dogs can be within their breed. If anyone is interested, the website is happytailsbooks(dot)com. Proceeds from the books go back to rescue, and we're always collecting stories. Woof!