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Dog bound in zip ties is found in firefighter's yard

Dog found with zip ties around front paws
Dog found with zip ties around front paws
Screen shot via 11 Alive News

According to Tuesday's 11 Alive News, a firefighter in Duluth, Minn., made a disturbing discovery on Monday morning when he encountered a dog whose legs were bound in zip-ties.

Zach Drews found the dog when he went to his backyard with his own puppy.

He told the Northlands News Center:

"The dog was just... laying down right on the tree."

The dog managed to hobble to him when he called to her, despite the tight tie around her front paws. Though the rear paws were free, Drews suspects that they too were bound not long ago.

The dog was bundled in blankets and provided with food, then, a Duluth Animal Control officer came to retrieve her.

A woman claiming to be the dog's owner came forward - she claims that the dog, named "Molly," had disappeared from her home three days before she was discovered in Drews' yard.

According to, the dog is doing well, despite her traumatic ordeal; she will remain in the care of the animal shelter until an investigation is complete.

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