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Dog bound in cord and weights found on shore of Long Island Sound

Body of dog found on the shore
Body of dog found on the shore
Screen shot via Facebook

Fears of possible animal cruelty were sparked after the discovery of a large dog's body, bound in cord, on the shore of Long Island Sound in Rye, New York, reported Thursday's LoHud News.

Rye police were notified after a passerby found the body of the 153 pound Leonberger on the rocks near the American Yacht Club on Wednesday evening; the dog had a cord wrapped around its midsection and something that appeared to be a weight.

Fears of cruelty were laid to rest after a microchip was discovered in the dog and the canine's owner and veterinarian were questioned by the authorities. The elderly dog had been euthanized by Dr. Carol Lockhart on August 18. Dr. Lockhart had no idea that the dog's guardian intended to bury him at sea.

The 10-year-old dog had battled bone cancer and he was known to love the water. After the SPCA of Westchester was informed about what had transpired, they closed the investigation.

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