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Dog blanket makes a big difference in life of local family

Meant for babies; soft enough for dogs
Meant for babies; soft enough for dogs
The Linen House

Back in 2005, The Linen House had a customer who was expecting twin girls. Even before the babies were born, The Linen House made their signature baby blankets in pink with each girl’s name monogrammed in the corner of the blanket. Turns out the babies were born prematurely which caused much trauma and trips back and forth to hospitals and specialists. Finally the tiny little babies came home in their pink blankets from The Linen House. That night when the babies were finally asleep the husband announced he was leaving… for good, right then. Goodbye, forever.

In happier times, before the pink baby blankets, The Linen House made a monogrammed blanket for the customer’s dog that included her wedding date. The dog wore the blanket to the wedding where he served as her ring bearer. The dog loved that blanket but after the husband left, our customer couldn’t bear to look at that blanket any more. It was too painful to see the wedding date every time she looked over at the dog. But without his blanket, the dog wasn’t happy either. Brand new babies, an absent husband and an agitated dog were too much all at once. When The Linen House heard what happened, they knew they couldn’t take care of babies or the husband situation. But there was something they could do to make Sport happy again. As a surprise, The Linen House reproduced the dog blanket. They monogrammed Sport’s name on the blanket but left off the wedding date. The dog was happy again and our customer was thrilled some sense of serenity was restored to the household.

Fast forward to 2010. The twins are 5 years old and doing well. They’ve outgrown the baby blankets and the customer wants new, bigger blankets for them, but here is the tear jerker part (really, get your hankies ready):

Sport, the dog, loved his blanket (the one without the wedding date) and slept on it every night. About 2 years ago he got really sick. The vet said there was no hope so the customer made the hard choice to have him put to sleep. She got permission from the vet to bring Sport home for his last night. She stayed up all night and cradled him in his blanket and said goodbye. She took him back the next morning where he died at the vet. The customer now keeps that monogrammed dog blanket close to her to remind her of Sport. She said it meant so much to her that The Linen House understood what she was going through and cared enough to try to make her life better with a new blanket for her dog.

Interesting how the right decision about a dog blanket made an important difference in someone’s life at a time when everything else seemed to be going wrong. You never know if a small gesture turns into a big gesture in the life of someone else. Make a small gesture today.

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