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Dog Behavior in Dog Terms

"Dog behavior can best be explained in dog terms." Is the mantra of Ami
The Chicago Dog Coach.

Canis lupus familiaris is a complex creature evolved with and by humans for some 15,000 years. Dog owners often find it difficult to relate to dogs without anthropomorphizing (pretending that dogs are human); researchers find it difficult to study dogs of their own accord, without comparison to wolves or other species entirely.

This creates both a conflict over “which” theories should hold sway and whether one truly can. The Chicago Dog Coach, the best dog trainer in chicago, believes that our vast set of practical knowledge has produced a working model for dog behavior that is more functionally complete than narrow academic findings and has more predictive validity than common folk theories.

"As a student of dog behavior, I respect and apply relevant finding in the latest research to bridge the gap between academic findings and household application." says Ami The Chicago Dog Coach.

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