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Dog Becomes Local Celebrity After Surviving Being 'Impaled' With A Metal Rod

Tater the dog survived a deadly accident
Tater the dog survived a deadly accident
Fox Atlanta

Tater the dog is probably a local celebrity by now. The Australian Cattle Dog, who was a rescue pup, had a twist of fate one afternoon recently and it almost took his life. Luckily for Tater, his owners knew what to do and were able to save him from certain death.

According to a report from Fox news, Tater was chasing a squirrel up a tree when the squirrel jumped down and Tater went to jump too. Unfortunately, the poor pup landed in the wrong spot and was impaled -- completely -- with a metal rod.

"The squirrel jumps off, (with) Tater right behind him. And there just happened to be a power pole, with a grounding rod in the soil, and he landed right on top of it, right dead and center of his chest," said owner, Michael Blackwell.

Quick thinking on Mr. Blackwell's part probably saved Tater's life. Blackwell took the dog -- with the pole still sticking right through his back -- to the vet. If he had tried to remove Tater from the pole, he most definitely would not have survived.

But survive he did and now, according to reports, he is back on patrol at Kennesaw State University, in Atlanta, where his owner works.

What a miracle!

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