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Dog beaten with pruning shears and dumped in snowy field in Mass is still alive

Man arrested after beating dog with pruning shears and leaving dog to die in snowy field.
Man arrested after beating dog with pruning shears and leaving dog to die in snowy field.
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A man who beat his dog with pruning shears then dumped the dog in a cold snowy field to die is under arrest for felony cruelty to animals. Ricardo Costa of Ludlow, Massachusetts beat his Pomeranian dog after he found it had defecated in the house and no one cleaned it up, according to the Connecticut Post on Feb. 7.

According to local news on Mass Live, a "friend of a friend" heard about the beating and called the police. The dog, Scruffy, was found in a snowy field where Costa had left it hours earlier.

The dog was still alive, but had extensive injuries. The dog was taken to the Boston Road Animal Hospital in Springfield. Once the dog arrived at the hospital it was found to have a fractured skull.

Police said they found the area where the 40-year-old Costa had beaten the dog because it was covered with blood and hair. He then took the dog to a snow-covered field near Red Bridge State Park and dumped him there to die. This occurred on Thursday night.

Costa is in custody and he is due to be arraigned in Palmer District Court on Friday. He spent Thursday night in Ludlow Police Station. Massachusetts has strict laws on animal cruelty. According to Mass Live:

"The state law regarding cruelty to animals says anyone who cruelly beats, mutilates or kills an animal may be punished by up to five years in state prison, 2 ½ years in a county jail or a fine of $2,500. The law specifies that it makes no difference if the person accused of cruelty owns the animal or not."

This horrific crime entailed a painful beating for the dog and he suffered for hours in the cold all alone. Most likely there won't be too many disappointed folks if the judge orders punishment for this man to the full extent of the Massachusetts law.

Update on dog's condition on Friday morning Feb. 7: A call to the Boston Animal Hospital Friday morning confirmed that the dog is still alive and the dog is expected to make it. The hospital staff who confirmed the dog's prognosis preferred not to be named. Check back later for an update on Costa's arraignment.

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