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Dog 'Atticus' plays in snow, makes 'snow angel' (video)

His name is Atticus and he’s taking the Internet by storm. Jessie McClain is a pet photographer from Maine who has been sharing pictures of Atticus through her Instagram account. She operates the business “Sit Stay Snaps” Now, a video of Atticus frolicking in the snow, rolling on his back, and spreading out as if he were making a snow angel has gone viral.

Atticus the dog makes a snow angel
Jessie McClain

The video is just a reminder of how playful dogs are as pets. While some dog breeds are more active than others are, dogs are emotional creatures who, like Atticus shows, sometimes just want to sit back (or roll around) and have fun.

Jessie McClain is a talented pet photographer and videographer, as it is clear to see from the above video of Atticus, as well as her official Flickr account where she shares more of her pet photography. While you might not be in Maine and in need of a pet photographer, you can certainly enjoy this video of Atticus doing what many dogs do best: playing.

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